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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad and everyone else!
First off don't worry about the taxes. I'm not too worried about it. So yeah you were right they changed P-Day to Wednesday this last week.. Which is just weird and I don't understand why cause we still haven't recieved our transfer calls yet so I'll just write on Monday if I stayed or not. I probably will but who knows? Anyways. So this last week and a half has been interesting. It's been hard (missionary work wise) and I'm still having such a hard time getting my butt out of bed in the morning.. which affects studies and then that affects the rest of the day. It's hard to have motivation and I think that's why Sister Nilsen gave me that book... But I haven't read it in a while and sometimes get frustrated when reading it cause somethings just frustrate me and some things are hard for me to believe. We had interviews last week and President told me to keep going and also where a good place to put another Cafe Rio in St. George.. Ha I told him Near Stadium 8 or over by the Washington Wal-Mart. We'll see if that even happens so yeah! Not much else was said. Remember how Elder Peterson was saying around month 4 is the beginning of the "refiner's fire"? well that aspect is true. Ha I've just been getting frustrated at myself cause I can't seem to change and get myself back to "normal" It's just dumb cause even the little stuff I had no problem with before is now a hurdle in my life. Dumb right? So it's hard. And the ward here is pretty bratty. So they're kinda being a pain and wanting to stop our baptism for Allen and Timmy this weekend cause the ward has a tract record of people being baptized and the going less-active. Which really isn't all our fault cause by the time most people go less-active the missionaries are long gone. But whatever. We talked to President about it and we just gotta kiss the ward's butt and make them like us and like the kids. Which is dumb but it's the only way. So that's what we're working on. We haven't had contact with Deven or Jonathan in a couple weeks... Which sucks. We don't know what happened there. We've been trying to tract and find people but that doesn't always work out. It's just been a rough past week. So yeah. Not much to report there. Such is life sometimes as a missionary... OH! Before I forget! So I talk in my sleep right? So Elder Peterson will tell me some things that I've said and they are pretty funny! (He has a hard time sleeping cause his past life basically ran on 2 hours of sleep every day I'll tell you more details on him when I get home haha craziest lifestyle I've ever heard...) So here are some of the things I've said.
"Babe, You gotta get the Pizza sauce perfume.. It's my favorite one!"
"Elder, I told you not to have sex with that girl!"
"Don't give me that attitude!"
"Forget you!" and then I roll over and go back to sleep
and there have been a ton of other ones. But I can't remember them. There was another one about me rooting for some Irish team?.. I dunno this is just what E. Peterson tells me. haha So I hope all is going well back home. I'm still working through the refiner's fire. I'm not giving up yet. Oh and mom will you tell Michelle to tell Andrea that there is a less-active family and the guy is looking for a job at outback. I told him I might be able to help out with that. He already has experience with that kind of business he's just looking for something better. But he's gonna apply anyways but this doesn't hurt. Just a little FYI. also can you send out my Heavy Medal headphones please? I could use them. Thanks! I have some pictures for you guys! One is what Domino's has on their pizza box for us. one is in the ghetto and the guy put his dinky rim back on the spare tire. The other is this old grave sight that we found and with a couple of tombstones and they all date back to the time the Book of Mormon was published. It makes you wonder what all went on here cause now it's surrounded by ghetto apartments haha crazy stuff. And the one with my hand all rubbed up (picture doesn't give justice) but Elder Peterson and I got in a little fight and it kinda got out of hand pretty quick.. I guess it's the frusration and bottling it all up inside then it just comes out... JK We have a gym here and there is a punching bag there and I beat that up! I can use that as a story though..:P or that some gang tried to take us down but we took em out I dunno something like that :) K I love you all!! I'll talk to you guys in a couple days! haha
Love, Elder Bowler
PS. Happy Valentine's Day!

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