Columbus Ohio Temple

Monday, January 7, 2013

Westland, Ohio!

K so I don't know what order these will all come in but The Master cheif drawing is done by E. Peterson (he draws) the snowman is one that we saw while walking and the zoomed out shot of it is showing two dogs that are on the roof. they were barking at us and we were kind of amazed. There's some of the apartment, E. Peterson and his watches. And the strip club sign ten photos. so yeah :) So! My wonderful family. This last week has felt like forever. Transfer weeks usually do trying to adjust to new situations... I don't know what president is trying to do or if he keeps getting letters from people to get me out of the area cause I got the six week shaft again! We all thought E. Garner was going cause after zone meeting on Wednesday he got a call from president to be a district leader during lunch (transfer calls come at night unless being called to leadership) but we all thought he was going and he did too cause we had just recieved a district leader the previous transfer but nope he got the shaft too and when we got the calls that night E. Garner was not a happy camper... haha oh my he hated life. He hates Hebron. He hated me. He just hated everything and you could tell. So for him to stay didn't help. So I am now up in Westland, Ohio. It's a part of columbus, Like on the outskirts of town. But I'm back in the ghetto where it's all just trashy. It's Ghetto but not as Ghetto. (that's from a youtube video. try and name it :D) Not as bad as Englewood. Well some parts. There's apparently a neighborhood that we stay out of past 5 o'clock cause bad stuff starts to happen. Ha hopefully I get good stories now. Apparently there's a chick on the top floor who walks around in her thong. I haven't seen her yet but yeah. Lovely. My companion is Elder. Peterson. He's freaking awesome. He's pretty funny and I've talked more with him these past couple of days than I have all down in Hebron. I think his previous companion made him lazy. and the area is pretty dead. It's a bike area and it's hard. So we'll see how this all works out. These first couple of days have been a slow start but imma try and get it up and running. The ward is a bunch of young college families finishing up there medical degrees. And they're not as friendly or willing to help us out as Hebron. So pros and cons to both areas. The apartment is trashy. which I don't mind to much. It's not permanent. But we don't have a ton of appointments and we've been working on some paperwork and fixing the apartment up so like I said. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling. It's a lot colder here than in Kentucky. About ten degrees. But I don't mind it at all. I love the snow and all that and messing around on the ice. (we have a half frozen pond in our complex I am tempted to mess around on. :P) haha but yeah. Hopefully I'll have more to tell about the area next week. But I can tell a lot about E. Peterson. He's half Mexican/Chilean/American. (Dad's white, Mom's the other two.) but apparently his mom looks like Kim Kardashian and Is cousins with Gabriel Iglesias.... So E. Peterson is 2nd cousins with the greatest comedian himself. I already asked for an autograph. Alec! How sick is that?? haha and we have a ton in common. We quote movies, youtube videos, he snowboards and loves cars and worked as a catering chef and he's funny. Just a little lazy and apostate. but it's all good he has a good balance and I'll be able to work with him. He has a bunch of funny stories from on his mission and also some sketchy ones. Like he performed an exorcism. AND.... He's a freaking little rich kid.... Holy mother. He has like $1500 in watches out here. ha it's crazy. but he blew all his MSF on pizza... whatever works I guess. Ha He's a sweet kid though and I'm excited to be able to help him out be a good husband and father and missionary. Cause I know I can at least do that. Anyways. I'll Include some pictures. One of them is a strip club we walked past when walking around. Ha there's like porn shops and all sorts of crap out here. Stupid people. Anyways I love you all. I'll talk to you all next week. Oh and P.S. Mom can you send out some music? haha I desperatly need music and it can be piano (can you send my Jon Schmidt CD and Chris' Two albums?) and motab. and efy stuff. Just anything that is good and uplifting basically. And can you send my two Blender-Balls for my protein shakes and can you send me out my knife? and Grandpa. Can you tell me what brand of tea you use for your cinnamon tea? cause I've been craving that stuff like crazy... K LOVE YOU ALL! Elder Derrek Bowler.

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