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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Devotional...

I just had to throw this picture in, just in case some of you don't know who Shawn Bradley is...he's now retired!
Derrek's mom (Amy) with Shawn Bradley, Freshman Year at BYU (1990-1991)...Amy's 5'8"!

Hey mom
So sorry I didn't write yesterday, We had a christmas devotional for the 5 zones in the Dayton/Cincinatti areas with president and his good friend Shawn Bradley, Yeah the 7'6" NBA player, it was good and went all day long and when we got back we had appointments so yeah. that's why I wasn't able to write yesterday. So I got your packages. Thank you for sending those. Things with my comp aren't too bad anymore. I applied the whole love thing before everyone sent letters trying to offer help haha good thing I was on the same page as everyone else. But these last couple of days I have been down more than ever and it's retarded. I'm so sick of dealing with all this and I have never felt so lost before. I really am starting to question what I believe and if god is even there. I don't know why I am having such a hard time and I don't know what's what anymore. So it's been fun dealing with that and trying to find answers and such but I'm still waiting. I'm glad everyone thinks I have a positive attitute, I sure wish I was able to be truly positive. but yeah. So I'm hangin in there. well trying to. but I'm still praying and doing the missionary stuff. We've found a couple new investigators this past week and they all have different situations but in every lesson I was all over the place. I have such a hard time focusing and putting my thoughts together, and this isn't me. I usually never have this problem, maybe it's the over exhaustion (sp?) of everything right now, but it is so frustrating, and It's frustrating just not being myself or being able to work like I did before. It's just dumb. So before I continue rambling on about the same things everyone is tired of hearing about I will write about things I wrote down to not forget to tell you guys. So first off. Grandpa Steurer or Geoff, Do either of you remember a guy named Ryan Rich? he said he went skiing with you guys back in STG in the 90's, he's in the ward I'm serving in and he says he knows you guys. also mom, will you send me a picture of Dad's gingerbread house so I can show it off? haha I told people about it and want to show people. So I also wanted to write about how dumb Kentucky's weather is.. It'll be warm and 64 for a couple days, then super rainy and then warm and rain then cold... It's all over the place and can't make up it's mind if it wants to be winter yet or not. It's been crazy rainy at times and it makes it so much better being in a bike area where we walk everywhere it's just so great. haha I guess I should start thinking about wife points again.. but I've probably polished my shoes more in one week here than I ever have before haha just from all the mud and stuff. And for some reason ever since I've arrived here my left knee has been acting up? like it feels like a nerve is being pinched when I walk or something but it comes and goes and is obnoxious. I'll talk to someone about it one day. But you just gotta suck it up and go. Um so the other day I saw an awesome thing. I saw my Initials (DWB) on the back of someone's license plate! haha pretty sweet not gonna lie. So I wanted to write some advice for all you future missionaries out there that might help you out. First, Missions are hard. Everybody's is hard in different ways. but Neither was Christ's mission. Second. Pray for Charity and The Spirit. It's so hard without both of those. This last week was easier with Elder Garner and I know I'm a burden on him too. But just serve them and try to love them and let things go instead of bottle things in to the point where you want to punch them haha. But Lastly and most importantly (and I wish I did this before I left) But BE SOLID IN YOUR TESTIMONY AND YOUR FAITH. Gain a testimony if you don't have one. Study the Scriptures and Read PMG especially Ch. 3. It makes it so much harder when you try to find it when you are trying to help others find their own. When times get shaky remember Helaman 5:12. Cherish your testimony and keep it. Cause it helps when you find it before you go. I'm excited for all those who want to serve. Your missions will be just for you. I'm just trying to help out those with things I feel would help. But Hebron KY is going well. Still a lot of walking around and appointments falling through, I'll explain more about my investigators when we teach them more and I find out more about them. But Emma is getting baptized this Sunday so that's pretty cool. I didn't find her or teach a whole lot but it's still cool she's getting baptized. I love all and thank you for all the support and letters. I really do appreaciate it. I will try to be more positive in my next letter. Sorry these past couple have been on the down side. but I'm hanging in there. Thanks for all your prayers! Love you all!!
Elder Bowler.

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