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Monday, November 26, 2012


First off I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I missed you all and all the traditions but such is life. So anyways. So I'm sure you're all wondering where I got shipped off to eh??  I'll start by saying I probably shouldn't have said anything about how bad it sucked biking in my last area... Haha and I'm sure president wanted me as far away as possible from him, cause I'm now in a bike area (one of the biggest ones too) and I'm in Kentucky. Yeah Ha, That's what I thought too. Kentucky?? my area is the Hebron, KY ward and it's a big one. 20mi North to South and about 18 East to West freaking ridiculous. haha so we only span maybe a 5 mile radius around our apartment (which sucks compared to my last one) which is in Burlington, KY. I will tell you my legs were rubbed raw after the first couple days... and It's exhausting but it's just another thing to get used to. People here are not as nice when you knock on their door. I've had more doors slammed in my face in the first couple days here than I did in my entire last area. But whatever. Not a problem. It's funny though cause I'm in a much nicer area and the "well off" people don't care to listen at all. But I miss the ghetto. and the funny people I ran into. So my first three days here the weather was nice. It sat around 60-65 degrees then friday it dropped down between 25-30 degrees. haha yeah that was a shocker. It's not even winter yet! and it's already as cold as St. George during the winter. but it's not bad. I have some support back home. Thank you to those who helped with winter gear. It's much appreciated! My new companion is Elder Garner. good worker, gets things done. Interesting guy who's really quiet and doesn't show much much emotion. And he does basically everything himself. So I feel pretty useless in this area. It's hard without a car cause there is so much ground to cover and we can only do so much. Smaller areas have cars so it's frustrating. I'm fine without one if my area wasn't so dang big. But since it is it's a little frustrating. We have one solid investigator and we taught her yesterday the 3rd lesson and she's on date for the 16th! pretty exciting. She's 17 (been to girls camp for the past four years and has been around mormons for forever) her name is Emma Napier. and she looks like someone from back home which is weird but yeah. The ward is awesome here. they're pretty good at helping us out. We walk more than we bike. (I haven't biked once yet) but that's because it's super hilly around here and there are only two roads with decent shoulders and they happen to be highways. So we just walk. It definitely makes the days longer and focusing harder. Waking up and rolling at 6:30 is a struggle for me! haha I'm working on that. But it's a hard area for me. I'm trying to figure things out and like this area. So we'll see how long I'm stuck out here. It's weird how alone I feel. I feel very distant from the rest of the mission (prolly cause I'm not with ZL's anymore and I'm not in on the phone calls but w/e) but it's interesting. I love you all. Keep sending loves and letters! I thank you for all those who have sent some (know that I'm trying to find time to write back but I rarely do) know I haven't forgotten about you guys! All my awesome little cousins I'll try to write to write you guys as soon as I can ok? I love you all!! but that's really all for this week. It's hard to find people and all that and such. so that's why we only have one solid investigator. We have a couple others but I haven't been in to really teach them. so yeah! until next week! (which this last one was my longest yet! haha anyways! love you all!
Elder Bowler.
P.S. I will work on pictures next week haha.

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