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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Transfer time :)

Hey Mom.. Soo umm Calvin wrote me. Can I just say what the heck?? haha holy crap that is nuts! I hope Alec is doing ok. Calvin just needs to wear a helmet from hear on out like in Benchwarmers :P I hope everything is ok! That's just freaking ridiculous! Thank you for the Pictures and also for sending that package. I probably won't get it for a while because I am being transferred... Ha yup. I only stayed here in Englewood for 1 transfer and my "training" program goes for 3 months (2 transfers) but tomorrow I head up to Columbus to get my new Companion and area. Elder Wheadon is being transferred too but Elder Brooks is staying to finish his mission as a Zone Leader (he goes home next transfer.) It's crazy. I think having to babysit was slowing the work here so they're booting me out haha. But I don't know how I feel about all of it. This last week has been a long and interesting one... now with today and being moved is interesting. So first off thank you all for the letters and e-mails. (yes it's ok to email me, I just can't email besides this main one) but... So this last week we had Zone Conference with the Elders from our stake and the Dayton East stake. It was good and went by really fast for being an all day meeting. Pres. Nilsen is an awesome guy and I think just at first he lays down the law and then after that he's good. But he doesn't tolerate crap too much, but he has a ton of funny stories and gets off tangeant (sp?) a lot. Pretty funny. And Sis. Nilsen is crazy amazing. She works harder than anyone in the mission and still raises kids. But they were both and Z.C. and taught us and it was good. After it was all done and all I talked to Sis. Nilsen cause she's in charge of everything medical for the next while. (Bro. Young, the guy who was in charge of physical medical stuff, is moving) but I had to tell her that I stopped taking my meds and then I told her about what I was feeling and all that, So she set up an appointment with a psychiatrist and long story short, I'm on new meds. So hopefully something works but we'll see! I got a blessing from Pres. Nilsen to help out with everything. It's definitely been a fun experience...but He's really loving and when it comes to stuff like this he's good about it. I think he just has to get to know you first. (like most of you said, which I kinda already knew but whatever) So I have in my little "Daily Planner" notes of things I want to write about. One of them are how amazing the sunsets here are absolutely beautiful. (not as good as Utah though but still amazing.) I also put down to talk about Stina. We haven't been able to get a hold of her in a while with everything going on w/ her family and all, then a couple days ago she sends a text that she doesn't think this is the right church for her... Satan is a clever little piece of crap. Hopefully things get cleared out with her, but we'll see. John is still doing good. I love that kid. He and his mom came to church on Sunday which was sweet! and he's still working on his date for baptism on the 15th. Please keep him in your prayers, He needs all the support he can get. Get on facebook and find him and talk to him. His name is John Swindle and he lives in Trotwood Ohio. I told him he has 200 plus people (all of our families combined) supporting him. Message him on FB and let him know I told you to talk to him. He sings gospel music and stuff and looked up a bunch of MoTab stuff on Youtube. He wants to sing in the choir. He watched Alex Boye's Mormon Message video. And he called us asking for his number. (we of course didn't have it) but yesterday he texts us and said; "Guess who I just tweeted?? Alex Boye!!" So Alex totally talked to John and talked to him about the Choir and Alex told John to tell the missionaries (us) hi! haha pretty freaking awesome. But he still needs your prayers. It was hard, We went over today to say goodbye since we're being transferred. It was heartbreaking and I've grown a love for that kid. he's only 18 but he's definitely a part of my life forever. I told him I'll come back to take him to Utah when I get home. Imma stay in touch with him as much as possible and hopefully I can come see his Baptism. But either way I'm gonna miss him. I don't think he liked the idea either. We went Bowling today with Bro. Ware (ward mission leader) and a new investigator, Duane. He's a young 71, he's funny and is good at Bowling. it's funny we'll go play these sports (and also like B-ball at the church w/ the youth) and we'll be in our missionary clothes. ha but Duane is pretty bible smart and funny and smart in general. We'll see where he ends up. We had to drop a bunch of Investigators this last week cause none of them are really progressing which is sad but there is nothing we can do. They just aren't ready yet. One day though. So anyways. Next time I write you I'll be in a different area. With different stories and all that. I hope I get put in a place where I can be near Dayton area so I can come see John's baptism.. but yeah. That's all for this time! I love you all and thank you all for your prayers and your support.
Elder Bowler

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